City Planning & Design


The City Planning and Design department is responsible for the overall planning and design of the city, including its zoning and subdivision regulations, physical layout of the city’s streets and public spaces, and its overall appearance. City Planner and Designer work with the people of the community in the planning process, allowing for a more cohesive and successful community.

Develop a comprehensive housing strategy.

A comprehensive housing strategy for your community involves more than just zoning. The process of creating a successful housing strategy includes considering all the elements of your town or city in a holistic manner. City planning and design plays a vital role in the development of a successful community housing strategy.

Create a comprehensive land use plan.

Once you have a comprehensive plan, you can enlist the help of your city’s planning and design staff to help you create zoning and master plan maps that match your goals. If you have a lot of existing infrastructure you want to preserve, you’ll want to make sure your zoning allows for future expansion. You’ll want to consider things like placement of services like water, sewer, electricity, and transportation. You’ll also want to make sure your plan provides for adequate stormwater management and drainage.

Create a comprehensive transportation plan.

In order to make your transportation plan a reality, you’ll need to work with your city’s planning and design departments. These departments are responsible for creating the physical layout of your city, including zoning and roadways. In addition, they’ll work with engineers to figure out how to best move people around the city, and they’ll work with your public works team to make sure your transportation plan is a reality.

Develop a comprehensive commercial and industrial plan.

An effective commercial and industrial plan will likely require the services of a city planner. A professional planner will be able to look at the unique features of your property and your community and determine how to best fit your business into your local area. They will also be able to help you prepare an effective site plan and zoning proposal to help you secure your permits and get your project off the ground.

Develop a comprehensive green infrastructure plan.

One of the keys to a successful green infrastructure plan is a well-designed city plan. A comprehensive plan for green infrastructure can guide the design of new and existing infrastructure and help guide how the city uses existing natural resources. A well-planned city design minimizes the need for new infrastructure and maximizes the use of natural resources.

Create an environmental impact report.

Environmental impact studies aren’t just for large projects. Smaller projects often have the most significant impact on the environment. An example of a smaller project that can have a significant impact on the environment is a plan to repurpose an unused building. The project could help reduce the need for new construction and use an existing structure for something new.

Create a community engagement plan.

Your community engagement plan should also work with your city’s planning and design team. Having the right city planning and design can help you craft a community engagement plan that works for your community and your organization. For example, if you want to host community meetings near a water park, your city designers will have you take into account things like water flow, drainage, and accessibility. They will also know what permits may be required for certain venues and can help you work with your team to create an event that is both safe and successful.


A comprehensive plan for a city is created by a team of planning experts that looks at the big picture and looks at the details. There are many components to a city plan, including long-range goals and short-term actions that need to be taken to help accomplish those goals.

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